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Every month my Team are trusted by clients worldwide to invest over $500k of their money and maximize the return on their Google Ad spend. Why – because we get results.

Our certified Adwords managers have experience with accounts in many countries and markets, but we specialize in working with Motivated Dentists.

Looking after your best interests we have:

Dedicated customer service committed to working with your on your objectives

Over 25 years of Adwords experience

Almost 2 million ad clicks of test data to benchmark and optimize

Over 1,900 hours of software development and testing to perfect our approach and management efforts

Targeted Proven Lead Generation systems for Dentists

Eoin O'Leary

Eoin O'Leary

Owner of

Firstly, for those that have not seen the name “Eoin” before, it is pronounced like the word “own”. I started out in business as a Internet Consultant back in 1994, when Internet Marketing was basically having an eMail address. I’ve been a Sales and Marketing Director & Managing Director of companies and what I learned in these companies has helped me understand how difficult it can be to build a professional services business. I started using Google Adwords, now Google Ads, in 2002 and from studying the Google Inc. Online Training, I passed the Qualified Google Advertising Professional exam in 2009. This was renamed as “Google Partners” in 2013. I’m am also an Author, I published my first book “Adwords “Made Easy” For Small Business Owners” in 2012, available on Amazon, in Paperback & on Amazon Kindle. I own a Google Adwords Agency, OnePlanet Digital, and my Team are Google Partners. We specialize in using proven Campaigns as our starting point and then improving on that. This way the Dentist gets the best start possible. On the personal side, I have a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, I spent 13 years learning the Martial Art until an old Rugby injury revisited me and I had to make Tae Kwon Do a hobby. I was a Firefighter in my hometown for three years. From my experience as a Firefighter I realized that your life can change in an instant and my own attitude to life changed. If you are interested in learning about how to work with me, contact me or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Your Adwords Account Reviewed By Our Experts

“Our experts will review every aspect of your Adwords campaign to find wasted spend and missed opportunities. Our fully Google accredited team has tested over 1.4 million ad clicks in the last year, so you can be sure that our analysis of your campaign will find your lost money.”